Google is King

Being that this blog is about insightful web topics, i.e. interesting things about the Internet and how it works, it would only be fitting that I talk about one of the most powerful aspects of the web:  Google. Whenever there’s confusion about a topic or someone wants to prove they are right, the first term that comes to mind is “Google it”. This saying is engraved in all of us. You even see it on television and in movies. Do you want to  know the definition of a certain word? Google it! Wondering about something that happened in history? Google it! Do you want to see what movies are in theaters next week? Google it! If you’re looking for information on just about anything and want a response right away, you just Google it! Google, the company, has been able to make search and the availability of information so convenient for everyone. Google was able to surpass all other forms of search and be the dominating force of the Internet.

Google has become an empire. There were other search engines that were available before Google like Yahoo!. And there have been many other search engines created after the fact, like Bing. But none of them have made a greater impact on the world and everyday life like Google has. Google started out as a basic search engine but has grown to take over other parts of the world. On Google’s Wikipedia page, they are known as a multinational technology company. They’ve expanded into many different industries since starting as just a search engine:  Gmail, Google Translate, Google Apps, Google Maps, Google glasses, Google Chrome, and much more.


Google is the first name that comes to mind when you think of the world wide web. In December 2013, Alexa listed as the most visited website in the world. That’s saying a lot! Google has not only made a huge name for itself but also for millions of other business across the United States and the world. Things have changed now on how business is done and how customers look for a product or service. The convenience of googling something and finding the right information without leaving your home has never been easier. As people start googling these services, the businesses that have set up their proper website online are the ones that will be found right away and will be taking care of more customers. Businesses are becoming extremely successful because of how Google presents them to people that search for what they offer. Without Google, many businesses would never be found and would ultimately fail. Google has given business the opportunity to really thrive in their market. Being on Google is the new form of advertisement and everybody needs to get on it if they want their business to succeed. The impact of Google is truly indescribable.



So in case you didn’t realize before, Google is huge. They’ve changed the way we approach daily life. As Google keeps growing, I’m excited to see what new technologies they come up with. If you still have your doubts, I have some simple advice for you: just Google it! See for yourself what all the fuss is about.



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