Google is King

Being that this blog is about insightful web topics, i.e. interesting things about the Internet and how it works, it would only be fitting that I talk about one of the most powerful aspects of the web: ¬†Google. Whenever there’s confusion about a topic or someone wants to prove they are right, the first term that comes to mind is “Google it”. This saying is engraved in all of us. You even see it on television and in movies. Do you want to ¬†know the definition of a certain word? Google it! Wondering about something that happened in history? Google it! Do you want to see what movies are in theaters next week? Google it! If you’re looking for information on just about anything and want a response right away, you just Google it! Google, the company, has been able to make search and the availability of information so convenient for everyone. Google was able to surpass all other forms of search and be the dominating force of the Internet.

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